Re: Glassing deck - or no

Posted by LeeG on Mar 23, 2005

From what I've read the optimal combination for strength/weight and splitting hairs would be 3mm with more glass. But the problem is that large expanses of flat 3mm panels are prone to more flexing, one piece 3mm decks are prone to more flexing than paneled ones (that's why 4-8paneled hulls are more common than two panel besides getting a desirable hull shape). Too much flexing with sealed absorbant Okoume will eventually get you waterstaining cracks. Unless you work with many multiple layers of 2-4 oz glass the extra few hairs of strength working with discrete numbers of 6-4oz glass leaves you with too much glass or not enough depending upon the location in the kayak. Basically you gotta make a clear distinction in your goals,,light weight OR durability. Trying to get both will take a LOT of labor, pricy materials for marginal improvements in both.

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