Re: Glassing deck - or no

Posted by Karl on Mar 22, 2005

I also will agree with the above comments regarding deck glass. I used it for the overall extra strength because I'm a big guy. If you do the math though, it's not a huge increase in weight compared to the benefits. I believe (someone correct me if I'm wrong) the glass is measured at 4oz per square yard. A 50" wide piece 3yds long, cut corner to corner should be enough to do the entire deck on a 17, and weighs in at just under a pound. If you are judicious with the epoxy (which has a specific gravity only slightly higher than water, i.e. 1oz volume more or less = 1 oz mass). you should be able to do the whole deck at under 2lbs total epoxy/glass composite. Subtract from that about 8 oz worth of epoxy that you would have put onto the wood anyway and you only have a net gain of about 1.5lbs. Careful construction elsewhere and keeping an eye on your total epoxy use will make up most of that difference anyway. Howard's advice seems like good stuff.

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