Re: Sassafras 16 Capacity

Posted by LeeG on Mar 21, 2005

I think if you got a Sassafras16 and put it next to a Wenonah Adirondack which are roughly similar external dimensions you'll see that the Sass16 is more pinched in the ends below the waterline. The Sass16 looks roomy up at the gunnels but most of the displaced watervolume is in the middle. I forget the term,prismatic coefficient? If you look at the Adirondack it looks kind of tight at the gunnels and snug legroom,,but at the waterline it's wider out to the ends. So it may actually have less freeboard in the middle and look smaller sitting on the floor,,but in the water it can actually carry as much or more because it's what's in the water that matters more than what's in the air.

In Response to: Sassafras 16 Capacity by Brian on Mar 20, 2005