Whoa, Waitaminnit!!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Mar 14, 2005

Folks are startin' to talk like excess epoxy won't add much excess weight to your finished boat. That's simply not true! Any excess anything adds excess weight, period!! Now lissen up:

My last two builds came in at 35 pounds for a Cormorant 16 hybrid, and 36 pounds for a Guillemot stripper. How do I get 'em so light? By closely examining every gram that went into the construction, and eschewing anything that wasn't essential to a good, solid boat. For instance, I use the forward bulhead, sloped forward, as my foot brace... commercial units add a couple pounds by the time they're installed, and you're gonna have a forward bulkhead either way. Whenever I add a fillet, I keep its size to a minimum - not a bare minimum - just a minimum, and carefully scrape up all excess schmutz as my last step before it cures. NO drips, runs, or sags are allowed to remain on my boats, ever. Not even on the inside, where they "won't be seen." The scale picks 'em up every time.

Carefully policing your epoxy usage will not only save weight, but will also result in a prettier final product - such a deal! Strength and integrity *always* must come first, but keep in mind that virtually every first-time builder uses way too much epoxy.

I rarely disagree with ol' Charlie, but today I'm gonna rebut him by mentioning that those extra couple pounds of junk you toss into a boat come right back out before you put the yak on the racks. And lemmee tell you, it's lots more FUN loading 35-pound boats than 45 pound ones. And me, I'm strong as a mule! Ain't worked in an office since January 1999.

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Fillets by Rocko McCombs on Mar 13, 2005