Re: ch 17 deck butt joint

Posted by Howard on Mar 13, 2005

its more important that the butt joint is backing up the seam between the fore and aft deck then where it is relative to the coaming.

backing up the deck seam...that is where you need the strength.

if you are installing the hip plates, where your butt joint is may impact the amount of fitting work you will need to do to have the hip plates in the right position.

on the clc17 boats, the hip plates are positioned just in front of the butt joints. if for some reason your butt joint is significantly different from where the plans expected it you may need to trim the top of the hip plate to accomodate the butt joint.

it is relatively more important to have the hip plate in the right position for you (becuase of how it impacts how you fit into the kayak) then where the butt joint ends up.

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