Re: filling seams w peanu

Posted by Howard on Mar 12, 2005

i distinctly remember how much effort this was when i built my wr180....

i found peanut butter consistency a bit too thick...and once you tried to push it hard enough into the small spaces between would get a bit dry. so i would go for something more in the mayonaise consistency mixture.

a technique that i learned on the last boat was to put the epoxy (again...mayonaise consistency) into a small baggie and then nip off the corner with a scissors...and apply a small bead of epoxy into joints. how much of the corner you nip off determines the size of the bead. i would start pretty small...1/8 to 3/16 max for the 180. relatively cheap, and carefree approach as you just throw the baggie away when you are done.

after laying down your bead...use a spreader to push the goop into its final place...and then as lee said, clean up the hull panels very carefully from any spills to avoid woodlour epoxy stains.

i found that i had to go over my 180 twice....the second pass was a "touch up" run in order to take care of little hollows and gaps that developed as the epoxy soaked into the wood.

becuase of the relatively oblique angle between panels, you dont take a lot off when you sand the the space between panels really needs to be filled to prevent gaps that will trap air when you glass the hull.

take your time...the multichines are a bit more effort in this phase then the four panel boats...but you will find your time is worth it...they are really good looking boats.

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