Re: CH16 Build Time

Posted by terry on Mar 8, 2005

The reason I said about 10 more hours for plans building is that it is not just the layout that takes the extra time, particularly on your first boat. All layout measurements should be measured at least twice to ensure they're correct and checked against the plans. Then wrestling the large sheets to get them to lay flat to cut accurately takes time and maybe at least one extra pair of hands. Then the cutting and planing of the parts. Some parts take a bit of ingenuity, like the spacers for the combing that don't appear on some plans. If it's the first build, scarfing will have to be practiced and mastered to avoid trashing the panels.

Steve's estimate of an extra 15 hours may be more realistic.

Another nice thing about plans building is that you can custom measure the bulkheads to fit well, something that doesn't always happen in kit buildling due to variations in each home-biult hull.

But again, plans building may not be for everyone. Kits are a great convenience and certainly worth the extra few $100 for a variety of reasons.



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