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Posted by terry on Mar 7, 2005

Pat, I've built boats of varying sizes from plans. I would add aobut 10 hours to the 80-100 to build one boat. If you're building two identical boats, you can draw you panel shapes once and stack the wood for both boats to save the tedious cutting/planing. Just be careful to cut a bit proud of all your lines and plane squarely to the line so all panels are identical.

One nice thing about plans building that compensates somewhat for the extra time is that you can glue up "blanks" of your long shear and bilge panels and then draw on them. Makes for very accurate panels and eliminates the step of glueing the cut panels to a string line - not always an exact science.

Kits are great time savers and a wonderful option for the first time builders or the time-pressed, but there is a certain extra degree of satisfaction in building from scatch.

Good luck


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