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Posted by Mark Camp on Mar 4, 2005

Thanks, Howard.

Too cold in the workshop to weigh any wood, so I did the next best thing and googled it.

I come up with okoume plywood being somewhat heavier than spruce, surprisingly enough.

CLC get that oops button ready for us, since the above required some calculation which I probably got wrong. But I calculate that if BS1088 okoume is correctly reported as 12-16 lb per sheet for 4 mm, that works out to 460 to 610 for the density.

In other words, the plywood weighs about half as much as the water (density = 1000) it displaces.

Spruce varies by species and within species, but all the published figures I saw were between 350 and 450.

So it's noticeably lighter than okoume plywood.

[All densities in kg/m**3. If you are used to the old-fashioned term "specific gravity", just divide by 1000 and that's the specific gravity.]

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