Re: removing ring nails

Posted by terry on Mar 4, 2005

Ditto on the nail pulling.

I have an industrial strength nail-puller. I pulled a ring nail once. Came out just fine, along with a good chunk of shear clamp and some deck to boot.

A few folks use small, flathead screws instead of the ring nails. I've tried it on a few boats and it works, but you have to be vary careful not to screw through the deck.

Mac's point on the pre-drilling is a good one. I do this on the deck nearer the cockpit, where the angle is greater and it's trickier to get the nail in so the head lies flat on the deck. I also tried pre-drilling my wife's tooth to save some labor bills at the dentist. Didn't work. Maybe I need to use the power drill instead of a brace and bit.

Gees, Mac, it's still barely getting above 5C up in our neck of Nova Scotia. 'Course, it's only 4 C down here in New Jersey today. Hope it warms before we head up in June, as the Cheaspeakes are not rigged for ice-breaking (yet). That tax thing we discussed wasn't the big problem in this year's assessments that we feared, but we're watching it.


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