Re: your target weight?

Posted by Kyle T on Mar 2, 2005

Hi Howard,

My goal is to get the weight of each of these boats down to under 50 LBS. My strip built tandem is only 48 LBS so I can't imagine that 50 would be that difficult to attain.

I appreciate the references to the AH. I didn't know about the pre-glassing of the inside of the panels and think that is an excellent idea. My plans for deck beams is to remove the typical deck beam after the deck is installed and add a strips of plywood in areas that feel too flexible. Probably in front and behind each of the coamings where additional stress might be incurred during a re-entry.

I believe that I was the originator of the idea to use string to pull the deck into place during installation (I couldnít get the straps to work very well). If you check my link in CLC's builderís sites you can see that I had a handle on this method several years ago. Others have refined the method into something that makes no-nail deck installation a fairly easy thing to accomplish so Iím not planning to use ring nails on the deck. I imagine that will save a pound or so all by itself.

I also have a few ideas Iím kicking around on building the coamings. After building a strip boat I think the coaming most of us are used to on our S&Gís are excessively heavy and I can use a strip style coaming for a considerable weight savings.

On the shear clamps for the AH, have you planed them down yet? I would think planeing (sp?) the shears would be difficult if they are made of laminated plywood strips. I was planning to use a router and remove as much wood as feasible from the normal shear clamps before joining the panels together. Iím intrigued however and will look into the possibility of using the AH method on my builds.

Thanks, Kyle T.

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