Posted by LeeG on Mar 1, 2005

if your design is a four panel hull with fairly wide bottom panels,,over 9" wide then that flat 3mm can flex a LOT. It depends on the design whether you are saving weight efficiently. For superlight designs you need to have glass/wood where it matters and not where it doesn't. Reducing a panel thickness EVERYWHERE may not be the most efficient method for reducing weight in the WHOLE kayak. You might look at using a few square feet of unidirectional 5oz e-glass under the seat of a 3mm hull, check out 3.25oz fineweave cloth, do all your glassing in 70degree temps so epoxy is thin and easy to move around. Pre-sealing/glassing flat panels can help control the amount of epoxy used to apply glass.

In Response to: 3 MM hull? by Kyle T on Feb 28, 2005