East coast paddlers

Posted by J.Schott on Feb 28, 2005

Just saw that CLC is going to be at the East Coast Kayak Festival! Couldn't be happier! I went last year and I am going to be there agian this year. The whole time I was thinking CLC should be there, too much plastic and not enough wood. I highly recomend attending this event if you can. There are more speakers and classes than you can shake your paddle at. Last year I took a couple of masters classes to get some instruction from some very talented paddlers. The classes were $20 which is an awesome deal for the amount of info you get from them. It was kind of like planning a vacation at Disney, so much to do and see that it is impossible to get everything in. I have been planning to attend this year since the day I left last year. It would be fun to get all the wood boats together. Most of the comments I got last year from the "plastic" folks was that my boat looked fragile. I kindly responded "it's no more fragile than any of the glass boats". Since there were only about 10 wood boats there all weekend, we were the minority.

The facilities are first rate, James Island County Park has to be the nicest county parks I have ever seen. There are plenty of things to keep the kids busy. Visit their web site for the details and make your reservations early. I waited until two weeks before to make reservations and primative camping was all that was left. That turned out to be fine because it was pretty peaceful there. I attached a link to CCPRC's website and I hope to see some of you there.