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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Feb 26, 2005

Rick sez: "its probably anathema to this forum"

I've said it so many times I'm all loopy-eyed, but I'm gonna say it again: do whatever works best for YOU.

If anyone really does try to tell you it's anathema (boy, now now that's a 50-cent word), just ask 'em to look deep into your eyes, and see if there's anyone in there who gives a big one what they think. I mean hey, it worked for you, didn't it?

We've heard from folks who used belt sanders and rasps to shape sheer clamps; chisels and grinders, chainsaws and adzes. Why, one guy even had a trained beaver gnaw his sheer clamps to utter perfection.

But most of us use the block plane, mostly because that's what CLC says to do and we're just mindless slaves to whatever they say. But we also tend to like the quaintness of it all. The "shk, shk" sound it makes; the shavings curling up on the floor; listening to the birdies sing while doing real woodworking stuff. Heck, I'm a professional woodworker, and never successfully used a hand plane in my life until I built my first boats, if you can believe it.

Thanks for telling us about the Ryobi power plane, and your success using it. Sounds like a cool little tool, actually. I also think Ryobi is one of the greatest tool manufacturers ever; while they're not industrial grade, they're innovative, and much better than Craftsman, Skil, B&D, etc.

Cheers, Kurt

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