Re: footplate positition

Posted by Mac on Feb 22, 2005


John just gave you where 99% of the foot braces wind up. However, if you are extra tall or short or will share the boat with someone who is your opposuite, you can try this "dry fit". I assume your hull is filleted and taped, and that your bulkheads and deck beams are all nicely epoxied in place and cured.

Put all the cushions from your best sofa on the shop floor and center your hull on them. Straddle the hull, plop your behind where the seat will go and bring your legs inside. Sit up straight with your lower back a couple of inches forward of the aft bulkhead. Place your splayed knees just under and touching the sheers (imagine the deck being on and your knees below the deck). Now move your feet outward until you toes just touch the side panels. Have a partner mark the shear at this point. (and help you out of the hull). If you're tall this should be about 3/4 of the way forward on the track - if you are short - about 3/4 back.

Now get those cushions back before you get killed.

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