Re: rub rails on MC13

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Feb 22, 2005

I left 'em full thickness, just made sure to round them nicely. They die in a semicircular cross section.

I dry fit them first, using green laquer tape to hold 'em in place, and mark a register in the middle. Green laquer tape is the same as blue tape, only it stretches, making it a much better "clamp".

When ready for install, I schmutz the back of the rails with a Cab-O-Sil paste generously, then tape 'em back onto the hull using my resiter mark to line it up. Then I tap in brass nails every nine inches or so, making fine adjustments as I go along. When I'm done, I go back and snip off the heads of the nails and drive 'em home.

Then I remove the tape, and run a finger along each edge to form tiny fillets, and thereafter remove as much excess schmutz as I can. Finally, I paint the entire installation with straight epoxy, using the paintbrush aggressively to scrub any remaining schmutz into oblivion.

Then I go do something else while it all cures.

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Re: rub rails on MC13 by Lou on Feb 21, 2005