Re: rub rails on MC13

Posted by Mac on Feb 21, 2005


I'm glad Kurt was watching the thread and weighed in with a nice pic and thoughts. One other thing rubrails are great for - and why they'll be on all my yaks - is that they make construction of bright finished hulls easier. That's right - easier. The area that gets beat up the most during construction is the shear edge. It is also the edge that doesn't get stitched where it joins the deck panels and though we always try, it's hard to get 34 plus feet of seam perfect. So, us "craftspersons" don't sweat it or fret it, we cover it. Think of them as servicable mouldings for boats. Take a look at what you want to hide, this may help you decide how far from the bow and stern you want to terminate them.

I usually epoxy them on using masking or packing tape to hold them in place during cure. You can temporarily hot glue some little wooden blocks along the lower line for them to sit on if you're working alone.

I also love the look of silicon bronze nails, so I follow up with 4" to 6" spacings along the rails alternating with the nails along the edge of my decks (which I add after installing the deck with packing tape, again just for the look.)

This is one area, as Kurt mentions, where your personal creativity can shine.

Have fun!


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