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Posted by Karl on Feb 10, 2005

Actually Ken, I'm glad you threw that link in. I've been a fan of all forms of wooden boats ever since I was a kid. Growing up and spending summers on a lake, I saw all manner of whiney two stroke fiberglass outboards going by. The boat that really impressed me though was a 17' Century inboard owned by a family down the lake. Finished out in mahogany, chrome, and brass, you could hear it coming down the lake by the low throb of it's V-8 Interceptor engine, (I had the opportunity to check "under the hood", sure enough the engine said "Police Interceptor" on it). It had an aircraft type throttle, and the classic red and white "naugahyde" seats. Absolutely gorgeous. I was a sad time when the family ended up deciding that it took too much work to keep it in top shape and sold it in favor of a Boston Whaler.

Anyway, by now the original thread has gone through enough convolutions (can anyone say "off topic"?). I think I'm going to go for the Flagship varnish because of the advertised high level of UV protection. The kayak will spend a fair amount of time on my truck rack because I'm essentially an oppotunist when it comes to using the boat. If I have the time available, Ill throw it into a pond or lake or river on the way by, and paddle for whatever time I can get away with.

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