Re: Copper sutures

Posted by Ken Leffert on Feb 4, 2005

In my opinion, the most compelling reason for removing them is to be able to reduce the fillet size dramatically. There are a couple of good reasons to leave them in...1) That's by far the easiest, 2) They add to the appearance of a bright-finished boat.

When I built my boat, I removed MOST of them using the epoxy tabbing method (removed those that I could easily reach from the inside. I have very small fillets. I left the wires on the ends of the boat, where they could not be easily removed....some folks remove these with heat. If I can remember to bring the camera home from work tomorrow, I'll post a pic that shows what the finished product looks like both removed and left in (it has occured to me that maybe not many boats have some left in and some removed, like mine).

There are some worthwhile issues to consider, like the larger fillets that are a result of leaving them in, the extra work of removing them, etc......but I think they have hardly any appreciable effect one way or the other on the finished appearance of the boat. What will make a nice-looking boat is patience, attention to detail, and being careful in your work, NOT whether you choose to use process A or process B (or process C thru Y as it applies to stitch and glue) to get there.

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