Re: Reply to Laz & You To

Posted by Mark Camp on Jan 28, 2005

Your note has gotten me to thinking about the unheard-of idea of applying s and g technique to product of multiples. There could actually be an economic niche for that, midway between one-off and high volume, where the very high tooling costs of roto-molding become economical.

If you added medium-cost low-tech tooling, production line techniques, and CAD/CAM precision, you could produce moderate volumes of high-performance boats that you could not afford to roto-mold because market's too small, and that reach a market that roto-molded can't touch because they are low performance (heavy).

A cheap CNC variable-angle router and drill press could crank out perfect parts ready to stitch together perfectly, without winding and fairing, by unskilled workers. Maybe you pre-glass the sheet stock, to eliminate the skill required in much of the glassing. Then you'd have to cut the panels while goo is green, to keep control of tool wear. Etc.

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