Re: seat width and length

Posted by Mac on Jan 27, 2005


My kayak came with minicell foam blanks and instructions to find the location of your "sit bones" and mark them on the foam. I did this at the same time as I sat in the hull to mark where my foot braces would go. I placed the beveled foam block where I believed the seat should go, put some carbon paper face down on it and assumed the position. Once these two points are located, we start with the ol grapefruit knife and Surform scraper (the little curved one with the edge serrations ground off). My instructions said to push a 4" finishing nail clear through the two marks so that the locations won't be lost as we carve down to within 1/4 inch of the bottom (the idea is to get the center of gravity as low as possible). The rest is a lot of cutting, scrapping and sitting - test it A LOT! If you're not sure of a final scrape or two - leave it. Initially, velcro the seat to the hull . Then spend as much time paddling as you can. Remember the pressure points - remove and shape a little more. Once you've got it (by Jove!) you can use a little latex contact cement to attach the seat more securely.

It's been said by many that your second carved seat will be the best, but if you are patient, the first will be very good and s/b better than anything "off the rack".

Have fun with this very important part of your build.


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