Fastek Buckles & webbing

Posted by Stephen Chase on Jan 24, 2005

I think the buckles are less fo a weak link than the UV degraded webbing that they secure. You painted or varnished your epxoy coated hull to protect it from UV exposure. Your webbing will degrade prety fast as well. One important (at least I think it is important) and often overlooked is to give any boat a thorough inspection prior to use. Give hose straps, buckles, rigging, hatch covers, etc. an inspection before use.

I learned the lesson this way. Calm day 2 hours out in a nice paddle with my brother. He goes to deploy his rudder. The extension and retraction line forthe rudder broke. Yes, I know that is an easy fix at sea, but I should have noticed the condition of it before we launched! BTW, it broke from UV degradation!

In Response to: Re: back up flotation by terry on Jan 21, 2005