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Posted by Dave on Jan 22, 2005

Dave, I too am a fan of Leonard Lee, his very complete book, and the very competent Lee organization. Click on Dave's link above and #60M60.01 $34.50 would also do the coarse waterstone thing. Terry, I got more serious about making sawdust when I found that the artist builder of our old adobe house did all the plain and fancy woodwork, including windows, by hand (big depression--too broke to buy from millworks). No going down to Marvin Windows and getting a replacement for his odd sizes. So I learned to build a window, etc, from scratch. He did leave me a big gas heated garage/studio--just right for stringing together a CLC kitas well as supporting the this old house thing. I like the microplane successors to surforms. It sure is nice to use a sharp (however sharpened) plane (tuned), chisel, or cabinet scraper and no fun at all when the tool is dull. Dave

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