Re: Mill Creek 13 Seat

Posted by Dave on Jan 17, 2005

Lou, I expoxied and varnished both seats and rails in our MC16.5. Strung the things together in odd moments during construction, much as you did. In three seasons, the seats have accepted my not so gentle 200# plus without problem except an ominous creaking sound when I first tried them. I also drilled out the rails 1/4" on 1" centers and drilled the seat base to bolt in the seats using four 1/4" eye bolts with pull straps per seat. May be overkill but those seats don't shift underway or in transport either and are pretty easy to shift, pull, reinstall, etc. Added a third set of rails so I could solo in trim. Definitely need to adjust the seat(s) fore and aft for trim. Commnent for Kurt: You're my guru and mentor on innovation (no way are you stuck where you are) so I expect you to rig a way to trim those pretty MC 13s using some way no one ever thought of. Dave

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