Re: Finished Kayak

Posted by jahrome on Jan 17, 2005

Mac, When I bought the kit I was living in a house with a nice boat-building basement. Moved to NC and found a house I liked but it had no workshop area. So my shop is my living room. No worries about temperature for curing epoxy and the fridge is right around the corner. haha

The real shock came to me when I finished building mine and my wife said "I want one too, but not one of those nasty plastic kayaks." I said, "you want me to build another one in the house? Are you out of your mind?" Apparently we both are because I agreed. lol

Yeah the color is Cobalt Blue. I think it's one of the colors CLC carries. Ah, the fresh aroma of toluene wafting effervescently throughout the house!

Regards, Jeremy

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