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Posted by Mac on Jan 15, 2005

Hey, Guys!

Thank's for the band saw tips - we don't have a lot of Grizzly saws in Canada that I'm aware of bears we've got . I guess like a lot of tools - stick with a good brand name and pay 'til it hurts. As Charlie mentions the good un's become heirlooms - my daughters will be thrilled.

The best band saw I ever saw was in Elora(sp) Ontario which is Ahmish country where they hand make those beautiful horse-drawn carriages. It was a concession to modernization and used electricity, but was made with two perfectly bald but symetrical car tires/wheels. A 1" wide blade that had to be about 10' in diameter remained centered on those tires at quite a high RPM - don't ask me how, but there were no safety guards, and everyone seemed to have all their limbs. Maybe an engineer could understand this - but it sure intrigued me! The fellows there (who looked 40 and were all in their 70's) used this saw to rip and shape the long oaken traces for the carriages (some as long as 16 feet). This, they did kind of freehand - with me and my family standing WAY back. That blade just sang, and never wavered. Since then, no commercially made band saw has ever cranked my jack. However that beast would never sit on my workbench, so it's off to look for Delta Grizzlys (that's a hybrid bear that lives down in da bayou with Big Al. I'm not kidding - they dance by the light of the moon - Kurt told me).

Thank's again for the good advice.


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