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Posted by Mac on Jan 15, 2005

My 2 cent history (on sale today only for 1 cent Cdn)(too much eBay)

When I was a kid about 1/2 century ago. there were no Saber Saws, only what we call scroll saws (powered) and coping saws (by hand) these tools used the same blades and the scroll saw probably grew from the coping saw. Early put-together puzzels were made from thin wood veneers and were cut on scroll saws (boy could THEY have used a CNC). I think this may have been where "Jigsaw" crept into the vernacular, and came to mean any small saw capable of cutting tight curves. About the time the table saw gave birth to the circular saw (which is what we used to call the table saw - more confusion) the saber saw was born. The saber saw is a totally unique tool, as the blade is only held at one end (like a saber). It uses a reciprocating motion like a reciprocating saw (Sawsall). There are some folk locally who refer to the big reciprocating saw as a saber saw.


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