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Posted by LeeG on Jan 12, 2005

The WR164/Ch18 are very deep high volume kayaks but if a 6' 200lb person wanted a kayak with less windage, like a 17LT or WR18 or WR162 then the method of reducing freeboard(windage) has a corresponding affect of reducing shin clearing comfort. 3/4" can make a big difference,,just as 3/4" could make a big difference for footroom or a big difference for reserve buoyancy,,or windage. So instead of having to get a big boat that's more susceptible to wind or deck whacking one could get a medium sized kayak without a deck beam. Look at the Arctic Hawk,,no deck beam with a thinner coaming and thinner coaming stack,,as a premium kit it doesn't look underbuilt. Betsy Bay kayaks are a commercial ply/epoxy kayak,,no deck beam.

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