Re: Paddling Mac - Memory

Posted by terry on Dec 14, 2004

This machine idea brought back a deeply buried memory (All Freudians, listen up!).

Untold years ago, when I was in a little boyscout-type organization called the Sea Cadets, there was another boy who used to lifeguard at a summer camp. Apparently, the guards had canoe races several times a summer that were hotly contested in the best gentlemanly traditions. I guess he didn't enjoy deep winter canoeing, so he devised a way to train at home. He had a paddle shaft (bladeless) with strips of cut-up inner tube tied to it. The other end was tied to something secure in his bedroom (can't recall what). He could fairly approximate the paddling motion and water resistance in his bedroom.

The invention prompted me to make a similar device to strehgthen my wrists and forearms to swing a baseball bat. This experiment was patently unsuccessful, as I never made millions in the major leagues.

Or maybe I just needed some steroids.


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