Re: Cowboy Reentry

Posted by Randy Knauff on Dec 13, 2004

Depending on the length of your cockpit opening and the flexibility of your legs, there is an easier way to reenter from the cowboy straddle. Once on and straddling the kayak, stability is helped by keeping your torso bent forward and as much or your legs and arms in the water as possible. Scoot forward until your butt is directly over the seat. Quickly bring your body up and drop your butt into the seat with your feet still out side. Your center of gravity is back in its regular place and you can work one foot back into the cockpit at at time while you have your hands and paddle for balance and bracing. This is faster and easier than the twist in method but only works if you can get your feet back in (depends on opening size and leg length). I have longer legs and that is one reason I prefer a keyhole cockpit to a small ocean cockpit. Randy

In Response to: Cowboy Reentry by Robert N Pruden on Dec 13, 2004