Posted by Robert N Pruden on Dec 13, 2004

Those extender bars are a Thule thing. I had to use them or I would have had less than 3' of space between the racks. The foam pads work very well. The beauty of them is that I can shove them where ever I need them to be so if I put a different boat or other object, such as a sheet of drywall on it, I can be sure I have excellent support. I use bungies to tie everything down, double bungies when I go on the highway. Word of advice, if you put two sheets of drywall on the roof rack, DO NOT let the drywall over hang the windshield. When I arrived at my destination while transporting the drywall, I had three halves instead of two whole sheets. The missing half is still on the road after being torn off the roof while I was doing a higher-speed lane change.

That image was taken by my daughter who has "my" sense of humour, she's only a tender 11-yrs of age. Birch died of natural causes this summer and we did "NOT" put her on the BBQ afterwards. I posted that image because it was the only digital one I had. I also used it for "wry" reasons at another kayak site.

Robert N Pruden

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