Re: Drips

Posted by Mac on Dec 12, 2004


I like Epifanes.

Any good Marine varnish from a Marine supplier - not Home Depot. You want it to LAST. Don't bother with hatches except to ensure they are smooth enough not to snag cargo. Don't need to varnish where the sun don't shine (or even make it pretty).

If you think you'll need a little traction on the cockpit floor when entering/exiting, sprinkle a TINY bit of fine sand (pool filter?) on the last coat between your seat and just into the under deck area. I wouldn't sand up where my heels would rest during paddling (don't go that far).

As you have two coats of epoxy over fiberglass, you probably have some texture showing through. Don't think that will give you any grip. Once varnished, it will be slick.

So, for your varnish - LOTS of UV protection so our epoxy stays healthy and we're not refinishing every two years. Try to moor and store your kayak where the sun don't shine - it'll last tons longer.

Havin' fun yet?

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