Re: Seasons Final Icy Pad

Posted by Kyle T on Dec 10, 2004

Our season is coming to a close down here too.

Last night I paddled 12 miles in the dark with some friends. It was overcast with lots of reflected light so it was very bright out. We took turns paddling out front because the water was so flat it was like a mirror. The reflections of the trees along the bank gave everything a surreal look. It was so quiet out that we worked to keep our paddles from making any splashes to help keep it that way. It was one of many memorable night paddles I have done with my friends.

Yes, the weather is changing here too and that marked the last paddle of the season that we can do wearing T-shirts and shorts.

Sorry Robert, I had to. :-) --KT--

In Response to: Seasons Final Icy Paddle by Robert N Pruden on Dec 7, 2004