Re: Freezing Point

Posted by terry on Dec 9, 2004

Yeah, Frank, the Vector is large. I was hoping they'd intro a smaller version so I could get one for my wife's very small wrists. Some of the other altimeter watches are a bit smaller, but I've owened a few (Casio) and they're were not nearly as reliable as the Vector, nor nearly as rugged. I believe they do make a clip-on version, not sure about this. Or you could just fasten the wrist band to a pack strap.

One other problem is waterproofness. As with any push-button watch, the seals are always suspect. For kayaking, I therefore wear a traditional SS-case watch with a screw-down crown (not a Rolex - had one in the Army and decided the 5 year maintenance was too expensive). Suunto will recondition the vector for $35, including a new case, seals and even electronics, if necessary - maybe a good idea if the watch will get wet often.

Anyhow, it's the only watch I've found to date that I would trust as my primary altimeter in high mountaineering.


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