Re: Amount of epoxy neede

Posted by FrankP on Dec 9, 2004

If you are sparing with the epoxy (ie you don't overdo it anywhere) it will be more than enough. If you make a lot of mistakes or throw a lot away like I did (after making a much larger batch than necessary for the task at hand), you will likely want the extra. Either way, if you buy extra you won't have the frustration of running out before you're finished. Of course you will have the extra initial cost, but think of it as recouping of costs on your next boat by buying in bulk.

And, you can make custom paddles that other builders (and you) will appreciate every time you're out paddling. I had to buy and extra gallon of hardener for my boat but I also built two wooden paddles for my daughter and a wooden paddle and CF/Fiberglass paddle for myself with enough epoxy left over to do other small projects with. One of those "small" projects will be a CF paddle for my daughter.


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