So I've been told

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Dec 8, 2004

Errr, I've been told that somehow I missed 2004. That darned spell check, I should have paid more $$$ for the time check option. ;)

WhatamIgonnadonow??? WHy I'll just have to read trip reports written by the kind folks who dwell where polar bears fear to paddle. In reality, I will try to complete a new project. It's a 15-ft canoe that I got as a gift. Also, I want to get the strongback built for my Night Heron. Then there's my kitchen reno that I haven't finished yet because I had to paddle all summer, then there's the professional writers course I am starting in January (comes with a time-reality assessment training certificate), then there's the reno propject I started on my friends house, finally I really should get that garage door installation completed that I began back in June on my mother's garage (delayed by previously mentioned paddling season). Hmm, that doesn't even take into account the x-country skiing and running I want to do this winter. I'd continue to give this all up if I could just keep on paddling. Oh why, oh why did the season have to end?


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