Re: Glass to Shearclamp

Posted by leeG on Dec 6, 2004

I think that's the sequence,,,cockpit glass OVER the 3" tape with the thick selvaged edge. The first demo boats had cockpit glass ending on the seam tape with nothing up the side panels. If one was a nut for overbuilding AND saving weight it would make more sense to put in minimal fillets, glass with 6oz cloth then lay down 1 1/2" tape OVER the cloth. I don't think anyone has done destructive testing to see what the optimal lay-up really is. I could see a person going for a light construction with only 6oz cloth up 1" past the chine joint and covering the entire bottom panel with 6oz cloth. The next step would be to have the interior cloth go up to the sheerclamps in the cockpit and into the compartement side panels a couple inches past the bulkheads then tapering down the side panel at an angle in the compartments to the chine joints with a strip of 1 1/2" tape on the cockpit keel seam. So many permutations. But using 3" tape AND 6oz cloth is putting stuff where it really doesn't make a difference,,destructive testing,,take it to the ocean.

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