Re: bubbles in epoxy coat

Posted by Ken Leffert on Dec 6, 2004

Question...are you dealing with "bubbles" or a surface condition most call "fisheye"? Two totally different you have fully enclosed spheres of air or some other gas in the epoxy (bubbles) or do you have what looks like may have been a patch of larger bubbles that have popped, leaving crater-like depressions in your surface (fisheye). Fisheye isn't really larger bubble that have popped, but it kind of looks like that.

If fisheye, its known to be caused by surface contaminents prior to epoxy application, but it also has other causes.....I've ran into it before without any possibility of surface contamination. Think the only prevention is a prayer to to pagan god of epoxy, as Lloyd's friend Craig can tell you and which I failed to do. It is very difficult to get rid of once it starts, however.

In Response to: bubbles in epoxy coating by Gerry Albin on Dec 5, 2004