Soft spot in deck panel

Posted by Cliff Herring on Dec 4, 2004

Did a trial fit of the deck (WR18) and found that the forward deck panel has a "soft spot" where the outer layer of the okoume delaminated. This spot is right on top of the forward cockpit bulkhead. Bending the deck only slightly causes cracks to appear in that section - cracks are obvious in a hand-sized section and the delamination is obvious in a fist-sized section (probably bigger if I fully bent the deck to the sheers.

I can flip the panel over and it will probably bend fully without cracks - the soft spot will be on the underside. Problem is, the side with the soft spot is the best-looking. The BS1088 stamp is on the other side, forward scarf looks worse and there are light outlines of coaming pieces where the deck panel rested on it. Realize I could sand all this off but this is a thin sheet and I don't want to sand too much.

Should I ask CLC for a replacement forward deck section, or just sand and use the other side, putting the soft spot on the underside?