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Posted by LeeG on Dec 3, 2004

if this board was around when I made a Patuxent17 nearly ten yrs ago you could have marvelled at the two layers of 3" tape on the interior seams (as instructed in seven page manual),,extra layer of 3" tape on exterior seams,,(manual implied some folks put tape on exterior chines for rough use),,,add it up,,,in the bow/stern there was 6layers of tape doubling up,,that's six layers of 9oz tape,,then on the exterior there was 6oz cloth AND those three layers of tape coming together at the ends. Of course the fillets were as wide as the tape as shown in the drawings. Of course I ordered the 3mm deck for light weight,,,then glassed the underside of the deck because it was obvious that it wouldn't hold up to paddling/rescues in the S.F. Bay. It weighed 55lbs without bulkheads or hatches,,oh,,and good sized endpours "for impacts" since I was occasionally launching in surf where the shore was rocky.

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