Re: Moby Latch

Posted by Dave on Dec 2, 2004

What I really need is some way to hold them in the vertical position when taking the hatch off, with the bungees a tight as I have them, several times I’ve crushed a wandering finger after the hatch cleared the rim, an I don’t think the tail would help that, which makes me think, has “Lou the Girl” started calling this new feature a “whale tail”?

The hatches themselves are build per there flush hatch kit instructions, the 4 mm hatch cutout from the deck laminated to another 4 mm piece. I could probably step them on the floor and then stand on them and they wouldn’t deflect 1 mm, and at my weight I come close to sinking the WR-18 in flat water.

Now as for the Danish version, your really making me feel bad, I have enough trouble speaking the American version of English much less try another language. At least I can understand the pictures … I think.

In Response to: Re: Moby Latch by Kyle T on Dec 1, 2004