Re: Filter Types

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Nov 30, 2004

Sorry to hear you got sick. A confined space like a boat is not the best place to work.

On the cartridges, I use an organic vapor cartridge with a dust filter on top of it. However, it's not a bad idea at all to get in the habit of reading the Material Safety Data Sheets for the products you use. They can be obtained for free on-line or from the manufacturers. The sheets will give you a lot of information on controlling exposures, personal protective equipment and toxicology. The sheets are not all-inclusive in terms of current research. I personally think certain folks should be extra careful, like asthmatics, women of child bearing age, folks with heart problems, allergies, etc.

Another benefit of the full-face is much more effective splash protection than safety glasses but, like I said, the full-face is not fun to wear, and obviously costs more than the half-face.

The full face is also useful if you've been putting off that plastic surgery you need or if you like to rob liquor stores for extra money.

Just my opinion.


In Response to: Filter Types by Lloyd on Nov 29, 2004