Re: 3/8" half oval brass

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Nov 22, 2004

Yeah, I've never seen the rubstrips on any production boats either. But they are quite common on old and new wooden canoes. Go figure.

Maybe we need a culture adjustment here. Without the rubstrips, I'd have already done a lot of extra reglassing/painting on our boats that are used in Maine and Canada. Now some folks may really enjoy reapairing their boats after every encounter with waves on a rocky beach. I don't. I'd rather paddle or drink beer on the porch.

Granted, CLC's home turf has few rocks. But I've left boats beached on the Chesapeake rivers and gotten some pretty severe bottom damage there also from the oyster shells.

Seems like they're passing up a way to set their boats apart from the competition, as well as save their clients lots of repair work.


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