Re: Where did my posts go

Posted by Charlie Jones on Nov 22, 2004

I read the guide lines and in view of number 1 and number 4, I can't see why they would get upset with that set of posts. Nobody was trying to sell anything. Here's what the two sections of the guidelines say-

"1. This bulletin board is meant for anyone building a wooden boat of any type. Discussion is not restricted to CLC products or boats; the amateur and professional builders reading and posting on this forum have an enormous wealth of knowledge drawn from an amazing variety of boatbuilding projects. Use this resource."


"4. Purely commercial activity is a no-no. Solicitations to sell products will be considered "spam" and will be deleted. Mention, by boatbuilders, of interesting products you have used are welcome."

The posts, at least mine, certainly weren't commercial or solicitations to sell products, so I really don't understand. I sure put in plugs for CLC on other boards.

If something in those posts violated the guidelines, I'd like to know what it was so I didn't do it again. If not, then I'd like to know why they were deleted.

In Response to: Re: Where did my posts go by jahrome on Nov 21, 2004