Cheater? I didn't cheat

Posted by MWagar on Nov 18, 2004

Craig, I laid out the extra panel before gluing the scrafs together. This made it easier to move the bow panel around, panel #4 on this boat. I edge glued the panel #4 and my added panel after fine tuning the fit with my block plane, I used Gorilla glue for the joint. After the glue was cured, I then used a batton strip to lay out the smooth curve to blend the original sheer line into my added bow hieght.I then glued the scarfs to complete the panel #4 assembly followed by the sheer clamp. The sheer clamp bridges and reinforces the edge joint between the panels. The panels lay flat, there were no stitches used. As for the word cheater, that is not a word I chose for the extra panel.

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