Re: hull twist

Posted by Laszlo on Nov 18, 2004


Easiest thing is to just ignore it and tell anyone who asks that it's a deliberate offset to compensate for asymmetric hydrodynamic effects caused by non-ambidextrous paddlers.

In terms of actually using the boat, you can load the boat to offset the center of gravity which will compensate, or just adjust your paddling technique. And who knows, if you are a non-ambidextrous paddler, there's even a 50/50 chance that it'll help. Either way, chances are that you'll never notice the effect on the water.

If it's really pronounced and does produce a noticeable effect, the next easiest thing is to add a small permanent skeg. If you're really worried, finish the boat to where it's totally epoxy encapsulated, but not painted or varnished, take it out for a paddle to see how it handles and go on from there.

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I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous

In Response to: hull twist by ERIC DOLPH on Nov 17, 2004