But Most Importantly...

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Nov 18, 2004

Mr Wagar, I applaud your most excellent results!

I especially like that little bitty detail that isn't being talked about a lot at the moment: the use of hot glue to fasten the forms to the hull for stripping the deck, instead of the strongback approach. If you're building a single boat, it's a stroke of genius! In my case, I built two, and will possibly build more, hybrid Cormorants; so my strongback was no waste of time after all. But still, I love the hot glue idea! Very cool.

Raising the bow was also a bold stroke, and it's sure nice to hear you have a similar boat nearby to compare results. Sounds like it worked well!

I take it you're something of a woodworker, since you say you use a block plane almost every day. Professional? Also, I hereby nominate you to write up a post, or maybe series of posts, on how you sharpen, tune, and adjust your block plane. I've never had a mentor for hand plane use.

Cheers! Kurt

In Response to: Westy Photo by MWagar on Nov 17, 2004