Re: How cold can you epox

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Nov 17, 2004

You might consider keeping your beer cold in a fridge instead of cooling the garage to keep the beer cold. That is why some refridgerator companies produce and sell smaller "beer" fridges. This done, you should be able to work in a warm garage instead of contending with cooler temperatures required for appropriate beer palatability, which we all know is not compatible with the lower viscosity required for effective use of the two-part epoxy systems commonly used by kayak builders. Cool epoxy does not wet out glass well at all nor does it soak into the wood affectively. Epoxy also takes a way longer time to cure at low temperatures, thereby causing you to wait extraordinarily long times between fill coats, during which you end up consuming more beer than you may appreciate while waiting.

Now, if you drink the brand of beer that I have strategically choosen for this very reason, you will buy Guinness. You can enjoy it warm anytime. This suggests that you would never have to cool the garage down to keep your beer palatable since Guinness is an excellent drinkers choice warm or cold. Working in warmer temperatures above 65 F allows a better wet out and more reasonable curing periods between fill coats.

I sincerely hope this helps.

Robert N Pruden, PhD, Beerologist Extraordinaire

In Response to: How cold can you epoxy? by Aaron J. on Nov 15, 2004