Re: Jos! P.S.

Posted by jos fr belgium on Nov 16, 2004

hello overthere mac and doug allen and others -did the maiden on an old canal nearby ,we have a club there and 3 times a week I make 10km with a K1,the real stuff :sea in Belgium or Netherlands(100km) once a year for a week orso in France out on the Atlantic(1000km)Whitewater inthe Alps (1000km)2 times -6░C and winter nearby -yep,first time building exper,the next will be astripper!! -used Carlsson hulldesign to build me a narrow and fast jak,the deck I had to figure it out like it came along , did work out fine -the Tshirts:like I mentioned in my first post Nick Schade of Guillemots kajaks designed a c.d.stripper(next one)and to get aqcainted with stripping i follow his builders forum!! there a friend ordered these tshirts without my knowledge and gane them,,you can order on that forum!!! -about 24kg 50cm 580cm long -hatch closure like Jay Babina but lowered inside the hatch no knobs on the deck!! -really a bit tippy,manageable, really fast(like a R1 for ww racing downriver)needs 30m to make a turn , was incalculated ,rudderbuidling in winter wwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooowww , not used to post such a message!! gr jos

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