Re: 16lt or 17lt

Posted by Gavin H on Nov 15, 2004

I have almost finnished two kayaks, a CH17, for myself (210lb, 5'10") and a CH16 with an inch off the sides for my girlfriend, Annette (~120lb, 5'2").

After paddling both, I would be happy with the CH16. It's much lighter and easier to manage, out of the water, and I really didn't notice much of a difference, once it's on the water.

However, Annette found mine quite cavernous and hard to manuver, with it's high sides and deck. Also, she doesn't enjoy handling the CH17 out of the water, by herself.

During test paddles, we both maintained a similar crusing speed, on both flat water and 2'chop.

Please keep in mind that 1. These are the only sea kayaks I have ever paddled. 2. The total number of hours in the seat is only 20 hours. 3. I haven't yet loaded it up with camping gear, etc.

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